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We live and breath image-making – the 2XS Films crew is World Class.
We have worked all over the world shooting for some of the biggest brands.

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We've got cameras, computers, 4x4's, aerial filming capabilities and a boat!
Aerial Work – Helicopter or high-end Professional drone and ROV equipment. Fully licensed and insured.
Sony and Canon 6K, 4K and HD Arri film-making equipment.
Super slow motion cameras shooting incredible frame rates.
Jimmy Jibs, Steadicams and remote time-lapse systems.
360 degree filming for Virtual Reality clients and a full interactive experience for your business.
We have even built unique 2XS Films camera rigs to solve difficult shot requests. 
If you have an idea we will find a way to make it happen.

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Why choose 2XS?

Bespoke Approach

Listen, create and deliver. Our huge experience will also provide you and your business with the best possible imagery to increase your brand awareness. Good filmmaking makes YOU money.

Global Reach

Would you like a medium to help you gain worldwide exposure? Our offices in the UK , France and Australia are here to assist you in acquiring the visibility you deserve. 


Don’t be the norm, if you believe your brand should stand out from the crowd we would love to hear from you. With your ideas and our experience and creativity let’s form a partnership to uncover and expose your exciting brand. 

Meet The Team

Simon August

2XS Films Creator

Specialist Camera Operator

Simon is an award winning cameraman and digital cinematographer.

He produces world class film, TV documentary, commercials and beautiful promotional material for some amazing clients.

Having worked in many sectors across the filming industry, I channel my twenty years experience into every film I make. 

2xs Films was created in order to pursue my passion for working in outdoor environments.


I’ve always lived for this kind of work. My passion comes from the heart, I was simply born to do this! 

I started out teaching extreme sports, taking photos and living the life. I then started filming surf movies, mountaineering documentaries and skiing.  After professionally training up my skills, founding and growing 2XS Films in 2003, we now produce amazing projects for all our fantastic clients. We bring fun and professionalism to every piece of work we do, and our experience is everything.  


In order to excel you must love what you do and for me this is definitely the case. While filming "Taming the bear" for Berghaus in Alaska, waking up on summit day on this first attempt of a split-board ascent and descent, I revelled in the responsibility of capturing the story as it unfolded in this beautiful remote wilderness and showcasing it to a wider audience in the finished film. 

I’ve also worked in live pitlanes across the World for over a decade - Monza, Nurburgring, South America to the Isle of Man TT, and sometimes have to catch my breath to take in how amazing my working life has become.

Director of Photography on winning film 2011

U.S International Film and Video Festival GOLD in 'Best Documentary - Current Affairs'

Director of Photography on five award-winning films 2002 - 2010

Five Royal Television Society ( RTS ) award-winning films.

Director of Photography on winning film 2009

Los Angeles International Childrens Festival selection.

Location crew on two Academy Award Winning Oscar Films 2000

Joe Carter


Cameraman, Editor

Joe heads up the Australian operations for 2XS Films, managing the expanding client base and creative teams. His vast experience as a producer on large scale projects on either side of the globe adds immense value to the company.

I’ve been with 2XS Films since our beginning 16 years ago in the UK, and in that time I’ve worked alongside Simon on numerous international films, documentaries and TV commercials.


From my start at Channel 7 in Brisbane 20 years ago, I have travelled the world honing my skills as a technician, a creative and as a producer who lives for the story. I am a passionate skier, boarder and climber, and I never miss the chance to head for the mountains wherever I am in the world.

Producer on Best Specialist Documentary 

2007 Vancouver International Film Festival

Writer and Camera on winning Television Commercial

GCN Advertising Awards - Australia

Executive Producer on two award-winning films 2005 – 2012

Royal Television Society – UK

Writer and producer on two award-winning advertising campaigns 1997 – 1999

Goldies Advertising Awards – Australia

Warwick Pickering

Mountain Safety Specialist,

Cameraman, Editor.

Warwick has tuned his profession as a ski mountaineer to a behind the lens role working under the guidance of 2xsfilms. Now, as a fully trained camera operator, specialist in action camera, expedition photographer, videographer and editor, he offers a complete media package for hire.

My personal adventures, work and passion for skiing have taken me to many remote mountain ranges around the world. I have achieved first ascents and descents of previously un-skied lines in Greenland, Alaska and Kamchatka.

I bring my experience as a winter mountaineer and former sports model to the 2xs team, understanding how to work in the harshest cold weather environments. We have exciting projects ahead of us, and i eager showcase my talents in this specialist field of expertise.